Getuigenissen van Bijbelschool studenten

Hieronder vindt u bijzondere getuigenissen van studenten hoe het onderwijs van onze bijbelschool “School for Harvest and Ministry” hen veranderd heeft.


I am glad to join this School, it has been of more blessings to me because I have enjoyed being in this School. Despite being a parent, the program of this School has allowed to run family affairs during the weekend. May God bless the visionaries, director, management and supporting staff for the good work they have done to me.


I have been blessed personally, since I came so many things have changed. I never knew how to pray for a sick person but I have learned how to pray. We went for evangelism and I got an opportunity to pray for a sick person who was suffering from TB and she was healed instantly. For the first time in my life I prayed for a sick person and he was healed! God is great. We went for the crusade at Malaha and we won many souls, I was very happy for those who gave their souls to God. We went to pastor Winnie’s church, we prayed for sick people and they were healed instantly. I’am happy and humbled to be at this place, may God use me much more to do His will.


I have been serving God as a pastor and Evangelist in body of Christ.  Since I joint the Harvest School of Ministry, my ministry has improved and I will never remain the same. The word of God says you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Now I know the difference between Law and Grace.  Before joining the School my preaching was judgmental anf full of criticism, even without the love of God. Through many lessons I have started ministering the message of love by the Grace of God. Our teachers are spiritually mature, full of revelation and truth. The board of management in this School is good and full of wisdom.  I have learned good lessons from our Director Mr. and Mrs. Walukhu they are humble and generous. 
Now I am being empowered to serve God more than before I joined this School. I have received a fresh anointing in the ministry of evangelism to reach out for the people who are still in the world with the message of the cross. Lastly I thank God for our sponsors who have supported us to be in this college, may God bless your families and ministries.


I was born in a polygamy family and not only that but also I was rejected by my dad so I have been struggling with it for long but I thank God He healed me from it and the whole process led me to go deeper in the things of God. My dream was to join a bible school for the last years but I was unable due to lack of money for paying the fees for the right school that teaches on ministry so that I may be able to activate my spiritual gift and especially my task as pastor. It was on a Sunday when I came to minister in one of my friends church when I heard of school for Harvest. It was good news to me and I followed up the next day and on Monday I was in school. This school has been my eye opener to spiritual matters not the way I knew. Thanks to Director Mama Selina, teachers and the office employees.  Finally I thank our sponsors. May God bless you so much.  I promise to work hard and achieve my goals as I reach out to many.


I thank God for His greatness, His favor and great love. I thank God for opening a door for me to be in this school. Since I entered this school on 25th Sep 2018 I have seen great change in my ministry, my life and family. God has been so faithful. He has changed my prayer life. Through prayer I have seen God restoring members in my church who had fallen away. I have also improved in my preaching’s. He has put a new song in my heart. My family has changed, and souls are being saved during missions. May God prosper this school. I bless the Director and the whole school.


Let the Almighty God be praised. Since I entered this school I have observed several changes in my life: The first teacher talked about law and grace. We must live under Gods grace and not the law. We have evangelized within the community and have seen miracles; people being healed and delivered. The crusade has been of great impact in the community of Malaha. People got saved and are increasing in the church. It’s my prayer that our churches shall be of great difference in the time we live. May God bless this college?


The teachings have changed my life, for example: law or grace, the necessity of the cross and other teachings. I had a judgmental mind towards the ministers of God. by making difference between half born again and pure ones. I thank God because this weakness is fading away. My prayer life has also changed and I know God had a good purpose for me in coming in this college. God bless you.


When we learned about law or grace I did not known that in my life for many years, I had been operating under the law without knowing. Now that we have been taught about grace, I have started practicing about it in my church. This has made me know what kind of leadership we should have in our churches. We have to teach our churches about grace and to live standing in the grace of God. Be blessed


Right now I am 28 years old. I grew up in a very humble and poor background that is why I never went to higher levels of education i.e. secondary school education. Since I came I see God transforming my life and He is going to change my Life completely. From that time up to now I have seen the hand of God working in my Life. I have seen His mercies and His hand of provision over me, my family, my church and friends. What I know is that the Lord Jesus came to save the captives free and bring happiness to the desperate people in the society and also the needy people like orphans and widows who trust in Him. Thank you so much for being helpful to the Lord by converting many souls to Him, who created us. I want to thank God and our Savior Jesus Christ for saving our lives.


My first subject on bibleschool was about law or grace taught by Pastor Samuel Wafula.  This subject helped me to understand that the law condemns but grace gives salvation. I began to know that when I need the Old Testament I ought to read it through the eyes of Jesus Christ for me to be able to apply it. The law is based on performance yet grace is about what Christ accomplished at Calvary. I can say, surely this is a school of impartation. It are not just teachings to me, but they are lessons that are changing my life. Every time the teacher comes he/she comes with his/her own anointing and this makes the teaching staff unique.  They are down to where we are which means they are ministering to our needs at our level. There is a ministry born in me.  Be blessed.


In this school I have experienced a lot of changes in my life and ministry. I have learned that God is my first priority in life, that I should put my family first, for God values it. I was told that I have to do the ministry as the third thing in my life, to preach the gospel of grace and not the law. I have also learned that the Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity, how He works through the gifts. I now know that I was called to serve and I should have the characters of Jesus by having the fruit of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that I put these things in practice and help those who don’t have this message to get it. Be blessed.


It’s now three months since I joined this school of Harvest in Malaha.  I had been long in ministry before joining this Bibleschool and I have discovered that I had not fulfilled 2 Tim 2:15
‘Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth’.  I confess that I have been a judgmental preacher without the grace of God and in most cases I preached heresies and was not able to divide the word of God. I misused the word of God, thus mishandling and applying scriptures out of context.  Whereas now we are living in the grace period (era) where everything has been done and accomplished for us by Christ at Calvary. I have been a preacher and an advocate of the Old Covenant which is based on self- effort and performance for salvation. What a wrecked and wretched person have I been. Words may not adequately express what I am and what I feel now. But Gods truth has worked in me, glory be to Jesus for this transformation. In these few months I have discovered that its by grace and not the law. May the Almighty bless you all ( Directors and Managers at all levels of administration, you are my heroes be blessed.


It was a happy moment for me to join this Bible School. The topics have been of great impact in my life, the way I see God and relate to Him as a father, the way I preach to people. I realized that I was a law preacher but now I preach grace. My experience in this school has made me to desire to walk with God and to know Him better and to walk in His divine holiness. Be blessed all who have done this work for us.